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Manitowoc Brands Win KI Awards




Manitowoc Foodservice Brands Win KI Awards

KI Award Winners for NRA 2013

The 2013 Kitchen Innovation Awards were announced in March and Manitowoc Foodservice is once again proud to be honored as one of the restaurant industry's leading companies focused on innovation by understanding and meeting the operator's needs.

This year Manitowoc Foodservice had winners that keep your operation both HOT and COLD and more energy efficient. The winners are; the Garland Green Heat Braising Pan and the Kolpak ArcticFox™. Both products offer operators innovative ways to manage their operation, allowing more time to focus on other operational needs.

Garland Green Heat Braising Pan – This innovative braising pan not only cooks the traditional braising pan way, but it can also be used as a normal two-zone griddle where different meals can be prepared on the grill at the same time. Induction technology provides instant heat and fast recovery, requiring less than 4 minutes to reach maximum temperature at startup.

It can also easily integrate in any cabinet and, being part of the Module Line family, the electronics can be remotely installed up to 15 feet from the cooking area. After cooking your favorite recipes, all the food can be collected in full size pans by just removing the central drain plug. Cleaning is simple and effortless.

Kolpak ArcticFox - Puts operators in control of their refrigeration needs with the next generation in walk-in refrigeration controls. The ArcticFox controller is designed for easy installation on existing units and connectivity is a florescent user interface for ease of readability and programming, along with a variety of energy, money and timesaving features. Some of the ArcticFox features include:

  • Tru-Dmnd™ - Defrost cycles are initiated only when needed reducing 93% of standard system defrost cycles and up to 12% fewer cycles than a “smart defrost” control, which will reduce unneeded energy usage saving money for operators.
  • Monitoring Made Simple - Control panel can be installed where it can easily be monitored by management or other staff.
  • Energy Saving Features
    • Door alarm tells staff when the door is accidently left open so it can quickly be corrected decreasing energy usage.
    • Programmable light controls means no more lights left on accidently, wasting energy and reducing bulb replacement.
    • Door heater cycles are controlled to further reduce energy consumption.

The operational benefits and energy savings makes smart business sense with the ArcticFox and it will be pay for itself in less than two years*

*Overall savings will depend on refrigeration sizing.

We are honored to be part of such extraordinary company with all the other KI Award winners. Congratulations to all the winners. Be sure to stop by the KI Award Pavilion in the North Hall or see these award winners and many more innovative equipment solutions at the Manitowoc Foodservice Booth 3401 & 3601.

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