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New Pizza Opportunities

Estimated at billion in annual sales and still growing, the pizza segment continues to be one of the healthiest and most vibrant segments in foodservice. According to 93% of Americans have eaten pizza in the last month and pizza accounts for approximately 10% of all foodservice sales. Armed with these statistics, it is no surprise that operators are looking for ways to add pizza to their menu while increasing their throughput, reduce labor, waste and increase energy efficiency. Manitowoc Foodservice provides a variety of equipment that is specifically designed to meet operator needs and will be showcasing those products at the International Pizza Expo  (Booth #1527) in Las Vegas, March 25 -27, 2014.

Manitowoc has the right variety of equipment to outfit and grow your pizza business. Here is a preview of the equipment that will be showcased at 2014 Pizza Expo. Stop by and talk with our culinary chefs and equipment experts and while there, try some of the latest pizza trends during live demonstrations.

Lincoln Impinger ILincoln Impinger I - Stackable Series

Lincoln Impinger® Conveyor Ovens are the premier continuous cooking platform for the food service industry. Using the latest advancement in air impingement technology, impinger ovens allow for rapid heating, cooking, baking, and crisping of foods. The Impinger I oven can be stacked two high for maximum cooking capacity. With FastBakeTM Technology, the impinger designed to bake up to 35% faster than other conveyor ovens without increased noise levels or loss of product quality.
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Lincoln Impinger II LIVE Lincoln Impinger II Express

The most versatile Impinger conveyor pizza oven on the market and stacks up to three high for increased volume without increased wait time. The advanced air impingement technology enhances bake quality and uniformity and improved product flow during cooking reduces operation costs. Optional FastBake Technology reduces bake time 15-30%. Clean up is simple even in tight spaces with the front removable conveyor. 
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Lincoln CTILIVE Lincoln Counter Top Impinger

The Lincoln electric Countertop Impinger (CTI) ovens allow large-oven capacity almost anywhere you need it. Small enough to fit on most commercial countertops, but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwave ovens. The Air Impingement uses hot air under pressure which surrounds food with small jets of hot air. This allows for rapid heating, cooking, baking and crisping of foods, two or four times faster than conventional ovens making the CTI ideal for those entering the pizza segment or looking to grow their pizza output in limited space.
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Delfield Dual RailDelfield Dual Rail Prep Table

Take your operation to the next level in pizza prep by utilizing the benefits of LiquiTec® cooling technology. Dual rail prep tables have a second, elevated rail to improve production without adding to the footprint, thus increasing the overall toppings available allowing the operator to expand the menu and give customers even more choices.
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Delfield 6000XLDelfield 6000XL Series

The 6000XLTM series reach-in refrigeration is specifically designed to serve the commercial foodservice market. Well thought-out features like efficient and space saving top mount refrigeration systems, stay open doors that make loading and unloading easy, very cleanable seamless interior liners and the capability to accommodate 18"x26" sheet pans make the 6000XL series a perfect fit for enhancing productivity in your foodservice operation. The initial investment pays you back with increased energy savings, and lower labor and maintenance costs all while delivering the high quality food you are known for and your customers demand.
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Garland Pyro Deck

LIVE Garland Pyro Deck Series

Traditional hearth style deck oven featuring Garland quality and performance. 48" and 60" Pyrorock hearths are fully accessible through heavy-duty, full-width doors making the whole cooking deck usable. The oven door, when open, lies flush with the oven hearth for easy loading and unloading. The "cool-touch" door handles provide comfortable and safe operation.
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Garland InductionLIVE Garland Induction

Generate a precise amount of heat in only the cooking vessel itself with Garland induction technology. This is the perfect union of cooking power and energy efficiency - more powerful than gas and more efficient than radiant heat. Instead of transferring the heat from the burner to the cooking vessel, the heat occurs only in the cooking vessel itself - no pan, no heat! This innovative technology allows for easy countertop install making menu add-ons, like wings, simple, cost effective and energy efficient.
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eikon seriesMerrychef eikon® Series

Merrychef e2- with its compact design lets anyone cook ‘hot food to go' perfectly every time. Cooking times are up to 10 times faster than traditional cooking methods and as no vent is required, this is an ideal solution for those looking to expand their menu capabilities With the e2 Twin, we now offer you the opportunity to connect two e2s together and double the capacity from one 20 amp power supply!

Merrychef e4
- accelerated cooking oven combines three heat technologies - convection heat, impingement air and microwave energy to achieve cook times up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens. Pictorial easyTOUCH® screen technology with MenuConnect® software enables instant USB menu updates making menu and recipe additions quick and mistake free.
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To learn more about our extensive line of products designed and engineered for the foodservice industry and which is best for your operation stop by to talk with us at the Pizza Expo Booth # 1527 or visit our website

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