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TWM - April 22, 2016




TWM - April 22, 2016

Greenprint for Everyday Savings

Energy is the third largest expenditure in a restaurant behind food and labor costs, with the largest share of the energy (35%) used by back of house equipment. Making the kitchen the logical place for operators to make the greatest impact towards a “greener” operation. Taking the first step towards “green” doesn’t necessarily mean revamping your entire operation, but rather reviewing what modifications can be implemented today that will have a positive impact and savings for years to come. This Earth Day, we are encouraging foodservice operators to implement just a few simple changes, like the ones below, that can have a vast influence on the environment and put a little “green” to the bottom line.

PlanPlan - The foodservice world is full of surprises - late rushes, early dinner crowds – as consumer behavior can be unpredictable. Completing an audit of menu sales and peak service times allows operators to understand what can be shut down or turned down without impacting speed and quality of service during off-peak times. The result can mean greater savings on both energy and water usage.
CleanClean - While it may sound simple, equipment that is properly cleaned is more energy efficient. When sediment builds up around key areas of the equipment it consumes more energy in order to maintain proper temperature. By following the manufacturers cleaning instructions and schedule, and using only recommended cleaning agents, equipment will function as intended and deliver maximum energy efficiency.
MaintainMaintain - Factory Authorized Service agents are trained to assist operators not just when service is needed, but to be proactive in identifying opportunities to improve equipment performance. Equipment that is serviced regularly and as specified by the manufacturer not only has a longer lifecycle but can also be more energy efficient.
ReplaceReplace - When it is time to replace equipment, ENERGY STAR® certified equipment can mean savings not just today, but throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. Rebates are also available in many states for foodservice operators who purchase ENERGY STAR equipment, helping to off-set the initial purchase price.

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