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TWM - Earth Day Edition - April 22, 2014





TWM - Earth Day Edition - April 22, 2014

Green equipment

As energy costs increase, investing in energy efficient equipment is the best way to protect your business against rising prices. Did you know, restaurants use about five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings? In addition, popular high-volume, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) may even use up to 10 times more energy than other commercial buildings.

Typical restaurants produce profits reflecting only about 3 to 9 % of their total revenue. With only a 20% improvement in energy efficiency, these profits can increase up to 30% - a tremendous improvement! Not only does this increase in energy savings help the bottom line, it can also lead to benefits such as an increase in customer comfort, better lighting, more repeat business, and heighten employee productivity. .

Manitowoc Foodservice understands how important energy savings are to owners and operators so we pioneered the EnerLogicTM program, which helps maximize energy savings and profits by identifying the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible equipment in our portfolio. Manitowoc offers more than 1,800 products from a variety of leading food service brands to choose from. The portfolio also includes key data to help those owners and operators qualify for energy-saving rebates and contribute to LEED®; Green Building certification. Products qualify for the EnerLogic TM seal by meeting third-party requirements from not only the ENERGY STAR®; program, but also California Energy Commission and the Federal Energy Management Program.


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