Manitowoc Foodservice USA

Half the Kitchen, Double the Production

April 23rd, 2007

Integrated workstations are core to kitchen productivity Facing increased location and building costs while looking for expansion opportunities in new locations, a leading dining chain issued the following challenge to Enodis:  “cut our kitchen space in half, and double our kitchen throughput so we can serve all our favorite foods to more customers in less space.”


The daunting challenge called for collaborative thinking, innovative technology and new insights about the chain’s menu, kitchen processes, labor, and other kitchen requirements.


With support from the chain, a team of Enodis culinary, engineering and other support personnel descended on several of the chain’s existing operations and also their test kitchens, observing current processes, assessing workflow, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with their culinary development staff.  Within days, the Enodis team had developed several ideas for deploying existing products and integrating new technology to meet the chain’s requirements.


A few weeks later, the chain sent its own food products and culinary team to the Enodis Education and Technology Center Customers test advanced concepts at Enodis near Tampa, FL, to test its full menu on equipment proposed for the new kitchen.  Working with Enodis chefs from Cleveland, Convotherm, Garland, Lincoln and Merrychef, the chain successfully prepared virtually all its famous foods to their own exacting quality standards using Enodis accelerated cooking products.  Beyond cooking, the team evaluated Delfield refrigeration, Frymaster energy-efficient fryers, and Merco warming and holding equipment to optimize the kitchen layout.  The Enodis Enovation process expedited the project, and delivered results in record time.


Now, the chain is moving ahead with plans to build prototypes of the new downsized restaurants, with lower opening costs, high kitchen productivity and the ability to serve more customers its famous favorite foods.


Enodis equipment solutions available for this application:

Accelerated Cooking Technology, Cleveland, Convotherm, Garland, Lincoln, Merrychef

Cooking, Cleveland, Convotherm, Garland, Lincoln, Merrychef, US Range,

Food Preparation, Varimixer

Fryers, electric and gas, Frymaster and Dean

Ovens, Conveyor and Impingement, Lincoln

Merchandising, Holding and Warming, Delfield, Merco, Frymaster

Ovens, Conveyor and Impingement, Lincoln

Refrigeration, Storage and Prep, Delfield

Smallwares, Cookware, Kitchen Tools; Lincoln, Redco

Steam and Combination Cooking, Cleveland

Warewashing, Jackson

Custom Fabrication, Delfield

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